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Our Story

Ran Krause, Founder/Master Groomer



My name is Ran and I am the Founder and Master Groomer for Dawg Gone Good Grooming. 

16 years ago I started bathing dogs as a summer job, and just fell in love with working with dogs. Once I mastered bathing I learned how to groom. Over the years I have worked for a number of diferent shops and Vet clinics. I have learned new styles and techniques from each place, and am grateful for every opportunity I have had, because they have all in one way or another made me a better groomer. 

I take great pride in my work, and am able to handle just about every dog that comes to me for grooming.  I treat dogs with extreme love and care. 

Not only do I pay a great deal of attention to making a dog look the best it can before sending it home, I also pay very close attention to the over all health of the dogs skin, coat, eyed and ears. I have taken the time to learn how to identify and help correct a lot of problems in these areas that will make the dog healthier, and able to spend more time playing and less time at the vet. 

In addition to my passion for grooming dogs, I am also very passionate and engaged with rescueing dogs that need good homes. Some of the best dogs I have owned have been rescue dogs. It is my goal for Dawg Gone Good, to become extremely involved with local rescue groups, and to hold adoption events from time to time at the shop, to help shelter dogs find their forever home. 

I want Dawg Gone Good Grooming not only to have a great reputation for quality grooming and service, but also to leave a positive footprint on the community as a whole by doing whatever we can to help dogs that are in need.

Dennis Krause, General Manager


I am Dennis Krause General Manager of Dawg Gone Good Grooming. I have been a dog lover all of my life and have always loved having and being around dogs. 

For over 20 years I have worked in the business of managing golf courses, and have worked at several high end private country clubs. By being married to a groomer, I have been indirectly involved and around grooming salons for the last 16 years, and that exposure to the dogs, has only made me love them more. 

As the General Manager of Dawg Gone Good Grooming I will incorporate my experience of providing first class country club customer service into the customer experience. While Ran will be providing first class quality and service to the dogs, I will be doing the same for our customers. Ensuring that both you and your dog have magical experiences in our shop.